Welcome to the world of Bumako Recordings a record label founded in 2007 by producer,DJ,songwriter, remixer and vocalist Jenifa Mayanja.


The word Bumako comes from the fusion of two languages Luganda and Hebrew and the word was created originally to represent a special party in New York of the same name.
From the “Bumako” party grew the “Bumako” label which has grown it own interpretation of deep house with its naturalistic mixture of a variety of genres such as jazz, world music, disco and funk to create a signature known to fans worldwide. It is a highly regarded label with high reviews from leading electronic blogs/magazines like Groove magazine, Resident Advisor, Igloo magazine, and over 25 vinyl, CD and digital releases.
All the artists featured on Bumako Recordings come with their own unique interpretations of deep house, techno, soul, jazz, world music and contribute to the deep impression the label continues to make in the underground electronic music scene.


For inquires about our buying our releases, interviews, demo submissions or booking our artists please use this email:

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