Hey yall..can i tell you a secret? i am

Hey yall..can i tell you a secret? i am sick of winter!! but the good news is that i have had so many beautiful moments already this year playing for you. And even when i get cynical about the seeming disinterest in people opening their ears to a range of musical ideas, i play for you and i am reminded, DJing is still very much a craft. It is about how the story gets told, and i love to tell it.

Coming up next i am in London on March 30th at NT’s bar. I love playing in London and i always get a warm welcome, i am sure this time will be no different. click the links to buy tickets. http://ow.ly/3iYI30o5dPN

By the way did you forget, i book myself! It is hard work but satisfying when i close the deal.

Send me an email at info@bumakorecordings to inquire about dates in June and beyond.

Us/Canada the tour is coming together but still have openings, whats up..hit me up so i can come jam with you.

Jen http://ow.ly/i/LDhco


October 2018 news

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

We are growing, evolving, communing together and with your love and support we keep moving forward.

We have a lot of good things going including finally a revamped youtube page.

Please subscribe for all the wonderful music not only from Jenifa Mayanja but Bumako artists like Denis Clifford, Makkhen Gigga and Sean Bird.

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We also have additional places to find all the great music on Bumako recordings with dedicated facebook page and instagram

And even bigger news with Jenifa Mayanja taking over her DJ bookings and the introduction of artist centered workshops for those looking to go deeper in their creative practice. Send an email with your interest by going on our bookings page


More music is coming so stay tuned.