This is the place to get your career and artistry to the place you dream of but not quite not sure how you can reach.

Themusiclifementor is free of judgement but full of useful, practical tools that will change your mindset about your artistry and eventually your career.

The music industry can be unforgiving and relentless, yet the beauty of creation is what makes us come back for more. Twenty five years ago I took my childhood dreams of becoming a music artist and detoured into becoming a professional and global dj.

Along the way i learnt about being a music buyer, A&R, music publishing, and a dash of artist management. I also started producing and releasing my own music under my own record label(s) and in close partnership with select artists.

More recently i reached another milestone in professional career when i was able to start sharing my knowledge through teaching music industry classes and developing my own workshops. My mentoring and teaching path has grown from seed to flower in the last couple of years as i have the opportunity to teach at music institute in Berlin, DJ mentor at an ongoing dj training workshop and also presented my talks/workshops at niche festivals. I love making connections through music as i believe there is no force greater than this simple elegant thing. Why do i offer music mentoring? I have been fortunate to have many amazing mentors, experiences, disappointments, rejections and professional triumphs and through all that i have acquired so many tools that i think could transform the way each of you see yourself as music creators/artists. Your talent is a gift and is precious but the industry can leave you jaded and doubting your abilities. My approach will leave you empowered to shape your direction any way your heart desires.

I am now happy to offer the following workshops online or if possible in person

The basics of music business are covered. Real talk and connection to the topics most useful to you. I don’t have all the answers but i have the answers you need to most help you. Understanding copyrights,licensing, contracts. A-la-carte services from 1 session to customized plan


Everyone is a DJ but are they really a DJ! This is a program for those that are ready for the true artistry and craft of a professional DJ career. The course covers discoveries of music inspirations and influences using critical listening. Practical DJ training, music business specifically for the DJ including building a contract that works for you, negotiations and constructive feedback. I will be with you every step of this journey.
Free initial consultation and weekly email followup.
This program can be done per session but recommended is 3 sessions


The music artist development program is about constructing a new mentality about your career.
The program covers the creation of a mission statement, crafting music that fits your mission and long term goals, authentic music branding, connection, music business acumen that allows you to place value in yourself and your work and much more. The program is long term so this is a commitment and investment in yourself. You can pick from a minimum of 3 sessions package to the full 6 month program.
Initial consultation is free and email followups on a weekly basis are always included.


Connect, exchange, inspire, transform. My talks are about empowering you the creator in all forms. I talk about business, creative strategies, collaboration, networking. My latest workshop is an self reflective process done in group setting. The workshop is “negotiating your worth” to book this talk please write me at
Suitable for niche festivals, panels, music industry events and any other music related organizations

Please use the form to select a workshop you are interested in. If you don’t see a workshop you are interested in, please send me an inquiry by email:


Jenifa is also available for conferences, festival panels to offer insights around a variety of topics including house music culture, music business from a feminist standpoint, race issues in the music industry, underground ecosystem

Please write us in the form provided with your interest