Beginning in 2019 Jenifa Mayanja brings her 25 plus years of music business and creative life experience to you in the form of special workshops.

Workshops offered will be in:

Djing with vinyl and the role of the DJ-Discussion and hands on

Creative process-workflow, arrangement templates,composition strategies

Music business for the underground artist-social media, working out of the system, streams of income

Your tribe as an artist-networking, awareness, collaboration

Finding your voice as an artist.

These workshops will be held in person, online and by request individually.

prices will vary depending on travel, number of participants, length of workshop

Just send a detailed summary and we can send you prices to accommodate your budget as much as is possible.


We will also be organizing workshops with special guest speakers around the topic “house music culture and preservation”. It is important now more than ever to document the roots, history and contributions house music has had around the world.

Please write us in the form provided with your interest