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  • SITTINGJenifa Mayanja-Ugandan born Jenifa Mayanja and the first lady of deep house is the owner of Bumako Recordings. Bumako holds the distinction as being one of a handful of house music record labels helmed by an African woman. The label which was launched in 2007 continues to create a strong impression in the deep house community with its unique organic take on house music.. Jenifa has released not only on her Bumako Recordings label but on Underground Quality, Ethereal Sounds, Abstract Theory, Soul People music, Street Knowledge, Big Bait.. She has also been a dj for more than 16 years playing recently in Europe and Stateside in clubs like Fabric, Panorama Bar and Output..She is also the co-owner of two other labels EDJ with husband Jus-Ed and Sound Warrior with Dakini 9 of Plan B recordings.
  • You can listen to music from Jenifa at http://www.bumakorecordings check her dj mixes on
  • Click here for full


Full length album coming from this up and coming producer from Ireland.



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