Hey yall..can i tell you a secret? i am

Hey yall..can i tell you a secret? i am sick of winter!! but the good news is that i have had so many beautiful moments already this year playing for you. And even when i get cynical about the seeming disinterest in people opening their ears to a range of musical ideas, i play for you and i am reminded, DJing is still very much a craft. It is about how the story gets told, and i love to tell it.

Coming up next i am in London on March 30th at NT’s bar. I love playing in London and i always get a warm welcome, i am sure this time will be no different. click the links to buy tickets. http://ow.ly/3iYI30o5dPN

By the way did you forget, i book myself! It is hard work but satisfying when i close the deal.

Send me an email at info@bumakorecordings to inquire about dates in June and beyond.

Us/Canada the tour is coming together but still have openings, whats up..hit me up so i can come jam with you.

Jen http://ow.ly/i/LDhco