ED & Jen the homestretch of the EDJ tour

ED & Jen the homestretch of the EDJ tour.thurs.7.31 @GoldenPudel#hamburg & Sat 2nd #PrinceCharles#Berlin#http://ow.ly/zDwsf# http://ow.ly/zDwwN http://ow.ly/zDwyj http://ow.ly/zDwFj

Jenifa Mayanja at Output Friday October 25th

Some flava for ya ear, Jenifa Mayanja at Output on the 25th of October, right around the corner..Many of you ask me all the time when are you playing in New York, well now is your chance to see me in a proper venue with proper sound. So since i am opening the night at 10pm, it would be wonderful to see all your smiling happy faces right at the jump off. I am offering a reduced list and all you got to do is just send me your first and last name by Wednesday October 23rd and show up on the nite before 11pm and you are in. You can sign up your on my facebook page by sending me your names in a message, send me a message with your names to: info@bumakorecordings.com

its going to be a special nite and i would love to share it with you, spread the love and word about this and get on the list.

All my love

Jenifa Mayanja


Output October 25th with Jenifa Mayanja