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The State of Things

What is the current state of things? what things you ask? Things related to women who are professional producers, artists, Djs, event organizers, engineers, label owners and many more roles..Has being in this male-dominated industry gotten more acceptable for women in 2013?, the road to success and acceptance smoother? The standards of political correctness equalized from when women first appeared on the electronic music scene to now?

That is the why we are talking about the “state of things” to discover different viewpoints from past to present, to share experiences with the world and use them to provide insight for everyone professionally involved and or fans of the music.This is also a way to bring about some measure of equality to women professionally involved in all areas of electronic music from clubbing to production. If nothing else you might find out your assumptions are dead wrong and in doing so think twice about your comments or thoughts about your perceptions of women doing their thing in the biz. By the same token,you might also find what you thought you knew well was spot on.

Just so you know, i am not a typical interviewer, see i live this, have lived this from the beginnings of the 90’s the golden era of house to now. I have been a dj from 1992, worked in the best record store in the world, worked at one of the premier record labels in the world, performed as an live artist, organized two beloved parties in New York, written, produced, sang, own a label..actually co-own two more..i say all this to say i have earned my chops in the biz and i think its time we brought the state of things to a higher level.

My first guest is Esther forewarned i will be asking some controversial questions not to creat controversy but to bring clearer picture beyond just veiled agendas, however sometimes you gotta shake out the dust in order to keep the room clean and i am not one to claim political correctness. However i believe i have a cause! A cause for celebration at the incredible amount of diverse talent to be found among women professionally involved in the electronic music busines but a cause to speed along the process of equality for women because sometimes it just sucks to not a thing dangling between your legs in this business..

Well here we go stay tuned.


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